Welcome to Your Weekly Tear Drop Radio "Gathering!" If It's about Tear Drop Trailers/Campers, We want to 'Hear' about it!

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was and is very supportive in our early stages of sharing our new program with you!

Joe is my co-host sponsor side kick on our debut program, May 18th 2013.

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I'm your Tear Drop Trailer Radio creator and host.....

Brooke Folk

This is the first-of-its-kind radio program that is all about Tear Drop Trailers / Campers and we are world-wide in promoting our enthusiasm for Tear Droppin!

This is my original concept

Little Guy 6wide Platform Tear Drop "Angel"

Tear Drops caught my eye some years ago and like your first crush, you never forget them.

The build began in May 2013 and my pick up date was July 17.

Which came first. The Tear Drop or the TearDropTrailerRadio idea?

To Finished Design!

I picked up 'Angel' July 17th, 2013 in Ohio!

Named in memory of an adorable adopted special Pet Companion of 10 Yrs. Angel Lived His Life Making and Changing Mine!

There was a Tear and It was Love at First Sight

Below Photo

The Lincoln and Angel at the Great Allegheny Passage Trail Head Meyersdale, PA.  This Bicycle Trail from Pittsburgh, PA to Our Nations Capital is about 350 miles in length. I Talk TearDrops to many curious cyclists and hikers passing by.

I write many Short Stories and do narrations and voice overs and write a weekly newspaper column from this very spot. It is one of my favorites. I will be recording and broadcasting live from the Tear at times as well. Angel makes a great sound booth for my narrations and voice over jobs.

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